Gresyndale is a law firm with over 50 years of cumulative experience in various areas of the law and armed with a devoted team of diligent and excellent lawyers who pride themselves in giving quality and unrivalled service.
Gresyndale Legal started in 2011 with a burning desire to fill the lacuna in the provision of legal services in Nigeria arising from the extreme dynamism in the Nigerian socio-economic environment especially as it relates to investors who want to do business in Nigeria. To this end, Gresyndale has designed a dynamic, cross-border legal package that allows for a full-fledged law firm to work directly with the new entrants into any economy, be it Nigeria, West Africa or globally, to ensure successful set-up and growth as if they were the sole client of the firm.
We pride ourselves in not only providing ease of access of our Clients into any economy, whether Nigeria, West Africa or globally, but providing expertise in the different aspects of the industry to which our Clients belong ranging from compliance issues to governance, to tax matters and the list goes on and on. This explains why we have garnered knowledge, skill and expertise in our different areas of practice.
We do not stop at adding unequalled value to our corporate clients, but pursue the satisfaction of our individual clients in their dealings on all legal matters.
So why not choose Gresyndale?