Our slogan

  1. Your partner in success
  2. Going beyond the call of duty
  3. Your first line of defense whilst travailing through the African economy
  4. Africa’s foremost contemporary law firm
  5. No.1 Law Compendium for every individual and organization
  6. An empowered team in the pursuit of excellence with an indefatigable attitude and Christian values in a contemporary world.
  7. Ensure compliance with all legal requirements
  8. Offering you a world of knowledge, skills and expertise
  9. Reducing vulnerability and exposure to legal risks
  10. Strong understanding of the Nigerian law, US law and Common law

We believe that with an empowered team, we can achieve our vision
to be Africa’s foremost contemporary law firm and a global force.


Gresyndale stands distinguished in its core area of practice and expertise which covers diverse areas of law including corporate/commercial law, property law, Maritime law, Tax law, litigation, debt recovery, compliance, Immigration law, Employment law, Competition law, Alternative Dispute resolution, Intellectual Property, Family law and Technology law.

Our team is composed of professionals with considerable experience, affiliation and know-how in attending to issues arising from our practice areas and diverse aspect of legal practice and with this wealth of experience, Gresyndale is able to provide top notch legal solutions to our teeming clients and their businesses.

Corporate/Commercial Transactions

Property Transactions

Maritime Law

Tax Law


Debt Recovery


Labour/Employment Law

Immigration Law

Family Law

Intellectual Property Law